How can I start a charging session? | PlugSurfing Knowledge Base

How can I start a charging session?

Depending on the station you can start a charging session with the RFID charging key or with the app. This information is being shown to you in the detailed information of the charging station.

In the app you can choose a filter for showing charging stations that you can activate with the charging key or with the app.

Starting a session with the app: In the map of the app click upon the charging station where you want to charge. Detailed information about this charging station pops up and here you just press the green Start button. This button is only shown at stations that are app-payable.

Starting a session with the charging key: Just hold the charging key to the marked connecting point and the charging session starts after a couple of seconds. Depending on the station, you can plug in your car before or after the authorization.


If you have problems with charging you can contact us at this number +49 800 400 80 66 (8:30 – 18:00 Uhr).

If there is a problem with the station itself, you can also contact the provider directly (Hotline in the app or on the station).

Our advices:

-we recommend that you double-check the prices before charging in our app or on our website

-charging at fast charger stations/plugs is much more expensive, please check before if your car is applicable for this kind of charging